About Us

|What is Neermai.com?

You can easily watch this video to get the idea about neermai.com in a flash https://youtu.be/iWvzqSnmb6Y (Please play with Subtitles)

| Who can publish on Neermai.com?

Any people from any part of the world who want to express and share his/her thoughts in written format, picture (Drawings and Photos) format, Video and Audio format with others, can create an Author Account on Neermai and can start his / her journey. Once you are on our website www.neermai.com all you need to do is to sign-up (Register as an author), to start writing. 

| How do I Sign-Up or create my Author’s Account on Neermai? 

i. Please visit https://www.neermai.com and choose your preferred language (You can access the option to change your language at the bottom of the Home Page of Neermai.com in any Mobile or Desktop)

Desktop View
Mobile View

ii. Please click this link https://www.neermai.com/register/ to create your Author Account on Neermai.

iiii. Please fill up all the details with correct information as requested and submit.

iv. Check your mail for Your Author’s Accounts’ credentials (Username & Password).

v. Finally you can access your Author Account with self-publishing features.

| Writing Poems/Stories/Articles on Neermai?

Please Use self publishing guide with video tutorials. Direct this link https://bit.ly/39dmQPP 

| How to get to know once my post has been published?

You will get e-mail notification directly to your mail account and you will receive your post’s link along with it. 

| Any other options to get Notifications excluding mail?

Absolutely, you will receive you mobile notification once a post has been published. Please follow this guideline to get notification at your finger tip https://bit.ly/3pYrozw

| How can I see comments for my posts?

You can check bottom side of your post page to check the comments.

| How can I reply for the comments of my posts?

Please follow this guideline  https://bit.ly/2J6mjER

| Your issue isn’t listed here

We are happy to help you. You can either call us at +9476 266 0 466 / +94 75 999 2994 between 11am – 8pm Mon-Fri or e-mail us at [email protected] We will resolve your queries within 24-72 hours.