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Adultery is extramarital sex that is considered objectionable on social, religious, moral or legal grounds. Although the sexual acts that constitute adultery vary, and the social, religious, and legal consequences are similar, the concept exists in many cultures and in metro cities alike, adultery is viewed by many jurisdictions as being against public morals and undermining the marital relationship.

Historically, many cultures considered adultery a very serious crime, some subject to severe punishments, usually for the woman and sometimes for the man, including the death penalty, mutilation, or torture. Many laws have been made in the government but the society doesn’t seem to care about it and it continues because the customs of the western country are luxury living and luxury food. Drinking alcohol seems to think of nothing but a life of pleasure hand in hand with one another. They wear fancy clothes. He has boasted of himself to whom spoken words are a duty. People who think others are unnecessary choose the paths that they can follow because they don’t have justice in speech. They don’t know how we are. They are proud of their speech and think that no one speaks like me. Women are as humble as they are in the world and they should not grow up in the world. If not, their life is very difficult for cheaters. They choose rich people for their dreams. They choose people who have great jobs. Even she couldn’t imagine it. Her picture pains are very worrying. The women who are still living in this world are living for selfishness. To live without selfishness, women should live with ideas. The most important reason is that parents give them the way. It is not available to all women but don’t regret it if they take action to use it then life will be sweeter

Here’s a story of a woman I know idol stories her lifestyle fitness girl ‘Prostitution is like a hurricane. When it sweeps you away, you and everyone else are pushed in different directions. Harsh words, shared feelings, and habits can be a force to be reckoned with. When you suffer from loss of command, your mistakes are felt.
However, if you go the right way, your life will get better.

2.Adultery is not a marriage problem that does not involve women. Even their girl when parents are in crisis. If a house is sexed, children become homeless along with adults. The same is true when infidelity affects a family. Turmoil, fear, uncertainty, anger, tears, withdrawal, accusations, distraction, fighting affect everyone in the family, especially girls, who are naturally very sensitive and dependent on their parents for emotional and physical stability. Security.
Ways to reduce this pain and risk: When prostitution hits a family, children are hurt too. Talk to them age-appropriately. Pretending nothing happened or changed hurts them even more, and then they think something terrible, but they can’t talk about it. Also, not being able to talk about the issue increases fear for the future and makes the event more difficult.
Therefore, mothers and children must have good habits and habits, only if that is the case, a girl can rise. So with honesty the children should be in place
If only so children can choose the right path.
Many girls lose their self-awareness due to bad parenting and face many hardships without knowing their path and lose their temper. So some seek death. Some determined women struggle to survive in the world.
Therefore, if the benefactor lives properly in the place of the children, the children will also seek the right paths.

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